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Offerings &

Therapeutics –

All sessions are based on a $1/minute scale (except where indicated). Example: a 30 minute session costs $30.00. Or, ask me about my Skoolie Special.

I also offer my services mobile in the comfort of your home, please add a travel charge of $30.00.

Gift Certificates

I have Gift Certificates for the services I offer. Contact to pick one up.


Traditional Reflexology: This is standard foot reflexology that is used to ascertain the health of the body. It is a non-invasive compression technique used to help many symptoms, improve circulation and it feels great!

  • 45minutes – $45.00
  • 60minutes – $60.00

Hand over foot Reflexology: It is amazing how relaxed your whole body feels when your feet and hands are being worked on. This is a beautiful session which includes arm and calf massage that will improve circulation, assimilation and elimination.

  • 60minutes – $60.00  1st visit is $30   <——————————————


The Classic: This deep tissue, full body massage is a collection of disciplines including Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish and Lomi Lomi strokes. The Classic is relaxing and very beneficial to your health and well being. After this massage you will feel rejuvenated and have more energy to help you in your travels through life.

  • 45minutes – $45.00
  • 60minutes – $60.00

Thai Massage: A combination of yoga-style stretches and warm herbal compresses relieve muscular aches and painful inflammation, while releasing toxins, increasing circulation, nourishing the skin and soothing underlying connective tissues.

  • 60minutes – $100

Lomi Lomi: Hawaiian style with lot’s for oil and long body strokes.

  • 60 minutes – $100
  • 90 minutes – $125

Tantra of the Heart:

Please research Tantra. Tantra has nothing to do with ejaculation. It is about rising your Kundalini spirit or the colostrum or the chrism. The names change according to the culture but all cultures have a form of Tantra.

First Understand that EVERYTHING is frequency, everything. We, as energy beings are oriented entirely by electrical frequencies throughout our entire body. Our controllers learned (like the tale of Pan), which frequencies do harm and which are beneficial. You, too, can learn to harness higher frequencies and avoid lower ones such as porn, fetish, homosexuality, and trans-sexuality.

Basically, it’s all about energy and every person on earth has an unique combination of energy.  Some will not seek a spiritual path, some will. Many are spiritually dead, trading spirit for instant gratification in the physical. What happens in the spiritual realm must manifest in the physical realm. If your mind is dark you will bring dark into the world.

Please note: Tantra takes a significant amount of physical dexterity. You may be more suited to FBSM.  $160/hour.

If you are a student of Tantra my sessions are $250 for 90 minutes.

A good book to get you started:


Website with lots of info:

Interesting video on Colostrum:

Indian Head Massage: The upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head, scalp, ears and face are worked using a variety of gentle, soothing and stimulating massage techniques.


Treatment Upgrades –

  • Hot Stones              $10
  • Foot/Hand Scrub  $10
  • Thia Warm Herbal Compress $10

Outcall – add $30 travel charge


  • Pricing listed above do not include a $30.00 travel charge. Waived for 90 minutes or more.
  • For Corporate Offices or Retreats all  day for $200 which includes the travel charge.
  • Prices do not include Sales Tax


Kambo Frog Medicine –

$20  Please visit here for more information:


Saturn Astrology Birth Carts:

I am learning so I’ll do your’s for free. I just need your time/date/place of birth.

Incall –    6 am – 000 pm
Outcall – 6 am – 9 pm  add $30 travel fee